Everyone wants to live a life free of any accident or injury. However, everyone is prone to suffer from accidents, major or minor at least once in a lifetime. Personal injury can be described as the legal term for injury to mind, body or emotions. The general types of personal injuries are motorcycle borne-accidents, road traffic accidents, working place accidents etc. Personal injury can also cover dental and medical accidents in case of negligence of the doctor or physician and industrial accidents such as deafness, contact dermatitis, work stress, slip and fall accidents and injury due to strain etc. In this article, you are given tips on the different types of accidents that an orange county personal injury lawyer can give advice on and claim for compensation.

Monetary compensation can be given to the affected party if he/she has attained an injury depending on the negligence of defendants by means of judgment or settlement. In US, this system has raised many eyebrows, with critics emphasizing on different forms on tort reform. The attorneys/lawyers representing the litigant take fees from the percentage of their client’s compensation. They get paid if the suit is successful but not if the suit ends in failure.

orange county personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer, although a lawyer can be termed or identified as one who represents plaintiffs in civil courts based on various types of injuries sustained because of wrongdoing or negligence of defendant. The injury might be physical or psychological. These lawyers have to be proficient in tort law and handle only injury cases.

Let us look into the different types of personal injury litigations which an Orange County lawyer can have:

Personal Injury — Auto Accidents

Litigation in transports can apply to all kinds of vehicles, usually, automobiles, bicycles, trucks and motorcycles operating on street and highways. Litigation in personal injury can take longer duration and may involve vehicle manufacturers, retailers, distributors as the accident may have happened from defects in parts of vehicles.

Litigation For Accident

If the plaintiff has suffered injury to body or property due to the negligence of defendant in operating a vehicle, the latter has to pay damage.

Case Against Government

Accidents need not necessarily happen because of drivers or defective products, it can also happen due to pitiable condition of roads. If the road is not properly repaired or the design is improper, then a driver can lose control of his vehicle and an accident happens. In these types of cases, the Government is to blame and held responsible. If you have to file a case against the Government, the proceedings and procedures may be more and it is advisable to seek the services of a personal injury attorney, especially if you are in Orange County, California.

Wrongful Death

This can be described as a lawsuit that can be filed by a deceased person’s surviving relatives against the person responsible for the demise. This act could have happened either due to accidents or intentionally, such as murder.

Medical Malpractice

A personal injury attorney can also get medical malpractice lawsuits to be filed against medical negligence or medical malpractice. This term can be attributed to the case when a physician, hospital employee, medical personnel or nurse acts “below the standard of care” thereby resulting in either death or aggravating medical condition of an individual. It is not as if the medical personnel have purposely done the act, but not identifying the problem can also be labeled as medical malpractice. Of all the professions in the world, medical care is often labeled as a holy, religious one as it can save the life of an individual. Sometimes, if an injury of the order of brain or spinal cord is not detected it can cause death. In similar type of cases, it is essential to trace the cause of problem and suggest proper treatment to prevent complex situations.

Loss of a loved one or the bread earning member of a family can deprive their surviving relatives of money and they have to fend for themselves such as maintenance of household and medical bills. It is mandatory that the claim filed has proper researched facts and details about necessary procedures for receiving compensation.

Injury In Construction Sites

The number of innocent bystanders and workers who suffer serious injury and sometimes death in construction sites is on the rise every year. Although every state law and Federal law stress on safety gear and protective material in construction sites, accidents still occur due to chemical exposure, explosions, electrocution, falls and fire. A personal injury lawyer can help you in these times of challenge and give the best advice to file a lawsuit for monetary compensation.

Product Liability

An accident can be caused either due to negligence of the driver or due to a defect product in a vehicle or material. Product liability can be described as the legal theory where in a customer has the option to get refund for damages caused to properties or persons because of a defective product.

Bites of Pet Animals

You are responsible for the safety of not only your pet dog or cat, but also others. If your dog has bitten a neighbor’s child without provocation, then your next-door-person has the option of filing a personal injury case.

Abuse of Elders

It is sad that the hands which protected us when young are made to long for love and few words of affection. It was our parents who made us feel secure in this big bad world, and when they need us most, we hardly have time. Then, there are others who abuse their elders. Relationship is based on trust and that is the reason why the term ‘family’ came into existence. If an elder is abused, then he/she has the option to file a litigation lawsuit against their relatives for physical, emotional and financial mistreatment.

Case Against Insurance Companies

All insurance companies are licensed to help persons in times of need and patient care. It has been proved that not all companies stand by their statement of selfless service. If you have been denied essential care or compensation stating non-regulations, and if you are in California, you can definitely file a case by an orange county personal injury lawyer to justify your rights.

The readers are requested to kindly understand that personal injuries cover more aspects of injuries such as drowning injuries, elevator accidents, playground accidents, theme parks accidents etc. In doubt, when suffering from a personal injury, kindly have a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.