Out of the many smart options in recent world to make quick money, entrepreneurship and investment in stocks take the cake. You could be a person in the middle 30s minting money by investment or a senior who under the tutelage of a wise stock broker has made money work for you in the older stages of life. Although risks are available in the stock market, it is also suggested as the one of the easiest ways to make your money grow in numbers. A simple look at any of the members in the Forbes 400 list, would naturally give the information of their investing heavily in the stock market by owning a large chunk of shares in either the private or public corporations. You may be a beginner who has an interest in the stock market but has not got the right information that instills courage and necessary knowledge to take the initiative. This article on investing in stocks for beginners will give you ample information regarding the tips, tricks and techniques you need, to be successful in the market.

investing in stocks for beginners


Similar to any business, there will be lots of queries/doubts coming to the mind. Some of them are:

  • Is it advisable to buy the stocks online or to use the services of a stock broker?
  • Should you try day trading or invest in long-term shares of a multinational corporation?
  • What is the best software that can be used for trading in stock market? Does your budget allow the additional costs?

Kindly note, stock market is not a field, in which only the experienced can make money and novices can lose them. The best profitable person will be one who makes the best instantaneous critical investment decisions in an unfamiliar situation. The rule is – everyone has the liberty to choose any stocks. However, being a beginner, you have to educate yourself and learn the basics that govern the market. The smart Alec is not one who makes mistakes and learns from the lessons, but the guy who takes the cue from others’ mistakes and earns profits. Let the beginning be humble but in due course of time and right investment, you can understand how money can be made to work for you without moving your sight gaze from the desktop or laptop.

Some housewives had, in fact, started investing in stocks in their part-time and in a span of five years with regular investment, they are earning half of their hubby’s income. The best part will be that you have not lost your hard-earned money.

Stock Trading For Beginners

1. Find the Right place to buy relevant stocks

The route to success in Stock investing when you are a beginner may look like the very pages of a fairy tale, where the handsome prince has to locate the locket (containing the demon’s life) to free the beautiful princess. But in recent times, internet has changed every aspect of human lives, one among them stock markets. Gone were the days, when the equity market were held the fort by a few, but now, there are plenty of online brokers having simple platforms to buy and sell stock. Being a novice, it is recommended that you practice in the pond on a small scale with the small fish, before diving to the ocean where there are sharks. After learning the basics of trade, you can decide the time to open a fresh account with a reputed broker.

2. Simulation Games

Simulation trading and games in stock trading can be used to gain information regarding the basics of stock market. Many of them are free – so the only criterion is you should have free time to play and learn. These games use real market conditions and you can face situations very similar in the stock world. In course of time, after playing in counterfeit stocks, you will be ready to buy real stocks and invest money in the market.

3. Choose Stocks

Please do not be one of those, who know the basics of the stock market, but have not done so for the past decade, it will be of no use. Knowledge gained, should be implemented to get the best out of life. If you are in the initial stages of buying stocks on a small amount, study different magazines that give the best information on the performing companies. Pick the company that has shown consistent growth and can give good profits. The best organizations are those, with technology and health care options as their services.

4. Learn The Market

The question is: How interested are you in the stock market? How much is the budget amount you can spend each month? You have to let go of television favorite serials, weekend binging with friends and sacrifice some of your time. But the time will be worth spent, because, at your old age, only money can make the world work for you. Get recent updates and predictions of well-known experts, such as Warren Buffet to notice the changes in the economy. There are several books that can give you a best start such as the

The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis (Benjamin Graham), and The Theory of Investment Value (John Burr Williams). You can also get a copy of “The Essays of Warren Buffet” which can give useful tips. You can also search the internet for enrolling in investment courses (beginner or basic) offered online by financial organizations or companies. Courses on Stock investment are also offered by some of the best universities in the world like Stanford University.

If you are a volunteer in any of the social worker organizations, search whether any local education centers or community centers are offering financial courses. The fee may be low, but the information might give a head-start on investment.

Another easy and simple practice is “paper trading” – you have to pretend – purchasing and selling stocks, by using the closing prices every day. You can do the exercise on free time by using the notebook or the best way is to enroll as a free participant in websites as “HowtheMarketWorks.” By regular practice, you can devise various strategies that can help save real money.

5. Practice Controlling Emotions

Similar to any high profile jobs, investment in stocks can also give high stress because you do not know how to control the emotions. You can have all the resources, experience and tools at the beck of your call, only to realize the spur-of-the-moment decision has cost you a loss of thousand dollars. Many persons quit from the stock game not because they are not courageous, but cannot make wise, instant smart decisions.


To be a successful stock broker, you need to be present in the buying and selling option at a consistent pace, but also gain valuable experience with confidence. This will help assist you make the progression from a novice to a reputed stock professional.