You have bought a car, and your entire family is elated. Your spouse and children want to go on a long drive. However, first check whether you have opted for auto insurance. It is mandatory and can give numerous benefits in the long run. It is essential to have one as per law and personally, it is the best prevention  taken against liability, losses from accidents. However, to get the best deal, much research has to be done either via internet or manually. Getting the best deal can save you a great deal of money when caught in an unfortunate situation. Various online websites can get you the best auto insurance quotes comparison, but you would have to provide personal information such as your vehicle details (model, year, maker, and mileage), driving record and location. You can get the top four or five insurance quotes from a website.

auto insurance quotes comparison

Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

Try the traditional way. You can take the help of a friend and call all the auto insurance companies manually and get the details. Have a plan handy and keep the questions written. Also prepare an excel sheet on your laptop for the companies and the quotes. However, this method is less preferred as you tend to lose money making calls and much time. The best option preferred is online. Having all the information will ensure that you are not charged more and given a raw deal by any of the insurance company. There might be MultiNational Corporations, but their insurance premiums will be cheap. Navigate their website to go their best premiums.

On the other hand, as an existing policyholder, but for your new car, search for the best option. You would be smart enough to do the comparison on your own regarding the coverage and the options of payment.

Payment Duration

There are options to make various types of payments (quarterly, yearly, monthly). If you have the money to pay the required amount in full, kindly do so. You could save yourself some money as the fees for installment need not be paid.

Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage is mandatory as it enables you to stay on the road. Different auto insurance companies have various premiums, so kindly ensure that you read the cost of premiums for their six month or one year policy.


Paying a deductible means that you have to shell out money before starting to pay the first premium amount. The insurance organization will pay the remnant amount in case of any accident if your paid amount is exhausted. Deductibles can change the duration and amount of your premium.

Accident Forgiveness

Usually, if you are a teenager, have done the car insurance quotes comparison, you would be surprised that you have to pay more money as your premium. Have a one-on-one discussion with your select organization to find out the details if involved in minor accidents. Does your premium rise if a black mark appears on your records? Then you might have to change the insurance company.


Make discounts a vital part of your online research when comparing auto insurance premiums. Check for military (if you are a war veteran) or student discounts. Also, search for organizations that give safe driver discounts since you did not have a claim or accident in the past year or more.

Service Levels

After you have marked a specific company, kindly make a call to their service center. The conversation will help you give insights on their service levels, and their handling of clients and customers. After becoming a policy holder, if caught in an unfortunate situation, these executives will be the first to be given information.

Get Information

There are so many auto insurance companies in the market, and if you are opting for one, keep your questions handy. Search the internet draw a list of questions and clarify your doubts by asking the executive. The tough questions get the best answers and can get you the best discount rates.

Gain Information

If you have got many friends in your locality, you can contact friends, their relatives etc to select the best auto insurance company. You can also go to the local mechanics and ask for pointers. Due to their job profile, they would have experience handling claims of car insurance and can give vital tips.

Financial Health

You can check the public stock options of the company you have selected. A company can make tall claims, but if their stock value has plummeted in the market, then you are looking at a dead duck. Before selecting a company, check the customer reviews of the company regarding the products and the duration in claims.

Minimum Premium

You should keep handy the minimum for auto insurance in a state. You can compare the minimum to narrow down to the perfect one.

Extra Benefits

You can get extra benefits such as towing, road side assistance etc. Ensure that you ask the executive at the call center all the relevant questions so that you might get the best bargain.

Before Purchasing A Car

Cars are the best mode of transportation for office, get kids to school, go to the grocery or mall to save time. Before purchasing a car, kindly note that the model and brand of your car can have a big difference in your car insurance premium.

You can get a free quote from the registration number of the vehicle. Many car insurance companies and car companies have on-line rate generators that you can access free of cost.  Vehicles that are expensive, have high speed are more likely to have a big premium due to their special parts. If you are buying a second-hand car, check its usability or the premium will be more. If you get mechanical problems, then you have to lay claim on the insurance. If your area is crime prone and has incidents of rash driving, the premium will be more as your vehicle can get stolen or get damaged by accidents.