Are you looking out for a trustworthy mortgage partner who can keep your property safe and give you back without any lapse? But, while choosing one among the lot take care you do it rationally. The below write-up can help you in selecting one of the best as it presents the list of best mortgage companies that have most positive customer reviews to its account.

16 Best Mortgage Companies

16 Best Mortgage Companies In The World1. AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation has their presence in 49 states around the country and DC. It makes the process of mortgage simple, easy, and transparent. The company assures excellent service and low rates for all the customers. And it offers mortgaging all the products including USDA, VA, Full Eagle Direct Endorsement with FHA, and NonConforming. It delivers reliable service on time owing to in-house processing, funding, closing, and underwriting. The company was established in the year 2001.

2. Prospect Mortgage

It is one among the largest American residential, retail lenders. The company is capable of approving loans and close the account in-house. Additionally, the loan officers utilize their experience to find you a perfect match from the variety of loans available. Irrespective of new home buying, renovation, or construction you are assured to get a competitive loan that fulfills your criteria.

3. Jersey Mortgage Co.

Way back in 1938, the company was established and has served thousands of families till date. It has offered a helping hand in making dreams of own home come true or in building a second home. The varied home loan options are competitive and flexible and are customized as per the personal choice. As the company is a direct lender, it provides in-house underwriting. VA, FHA, USDA, other home loans, and First Time Home Buyers programs are available. Best service is ensured owing to the experienced staff for one decade or more with the company.

4. Nationstar Mortgage

Exceptional customer service guaranteed here. Several homeowners have succeeded due to the reliable service offered by the company. Fannie Mae, FHLMC, USDA, FHA, Jumbo, and VA are some of the variety of mortgage products offered. Any service provided by the company offers the best in the industry. Apart from finding place one among top ten, it has also been featured as Nation’s Leading Mortgage service provider. It makes the experience of the customer successful and hassle free.

5. Guaranteed Rate

With 96 percent customer satisfaction it is been one of the most successful companies. Around US$14.5 billion was offered as part of home loans in the year 2012. It stands tenth largest retail Mortgage Company in the country.

6. Fairway Independent Mortgage

Established in 1996, and operates with 150 branches around the country. The net loan volume in the year 2012 reached $6.00 billion. It has a wide range of residential loans to offer as per the customer requirement. Fixed rate mortgages, VA & FHA mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, investment property loans, rural development mortgages, and debt consolidation loans are some of the loan services offered to the borrowers.

7. Embrace Home Loans

It leads mortgage industry significantly. Moreover, the company has been the direct lender of Freddie Mac, approved Ginnie Mae, and Fannie Mae. Ginnie Mae provides the FHA insured mortgages. The company is one with best industry ratings and has been rated A+. Embrace had provided in the year 2012 about $6.00 billion loans with 15,000 clients.

8. Cornerstone Home Lending

It forms one of the apt choices for an optimum customer satisfaction. The headquarters is located at Houston and is the 4th largest retail non-banking mortgage company. The company has 70 offices with branches in California, Arizona, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, Minnesota, Washington, Utah, and Texas. Formerly the Cornerstone Home Lending was known as Cornerstone Mortgage Company.

9. Franklin American Mortgage

The Franklin American Mortgage is the private firm with headquarters in Franklin. With regional offices at Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California the company has been one of the reliable mortgage companies. Correspondent lending, wholesale, and retail are the three divisions through which the company serves the customers.

10. Mortgage Investors

The firm is been the licensed service provider in 29 states and it specialises in VA loans. The company was established to serve America’s Military Veterans. It is been the #1 in providing Mortgage services to Veterans to help them establish. With its headquarters in St. Petersburg, it was established in the year 1938.

11. PHH Mortgage

PHH Mortgage is one of the top 10 Mortgage Companies in total volume. And the 4th largest creator of retail, residential mortgages, 6th largest overall and 7th largest mortgage service provider. Approximately $52 billion the PHH mortgage closed in the year 2011.

12. Prospect Mortgage

In closed loan volume, the company ranks higher and place one among the top companies. A range of home loan solutions is offered by the company. VA loans, Jumbo loans, and FHA and much more are offered. Sterling Partners back a private equity firm backs the company with $5 billion in the whole assets.

13. Quicken Loans

It stands third largest in providing service for retail home lenders in the US. In 2012, the firm closed $70 billion and this happened three years consecutively. Additionally, it guarantees highest customer satisfaction and ranks higher in this perspective.

14. Stearns Leading

Stearns Leading is the private firm licensed to conduct business and established over 47 states. The year 2012 is been remarkable in the company’s history as it set a record by closing US$12 billion via 49,000 loans. When considered the total volume it is been ranked top 20.

15. Mortgage Master

Privately owned mortgage company and is been the largest and lending $5 billion per year. It is one of the largest volume lenders on first mortgage established in Massachusetts. Service is been provided in the 22 states. Some of them include New Hampshire, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California. The headquarters is located at Walpole, MA.

16. Academy Mortgage

The company is dedicated to retail mortgage banking. It is been licensed to provide service in 43 states. Resale, builder loans, and FHA are provided by the firm.